Beachy vibes!


It's finally getting warmer! which means dresses + skirts. I always hated wearing jeans, I feel kind of constricted and I hate it when my movement is limited. I like free-flowing outfits the best. (Unfortunately, I went shopping today at Forever 21 and found no flowy dresses my size)

I'm actually not a beach-y type of girl. Which is surprising since I grew up in the Philippines and we are basically a giant collective of island beaches. I miss the warm waters of the Philippines. And the water is always freezing here - that's why I didn't like it. I hated getting sand on my shoes! Always a nuisance. Especially getting back in the car! Ugh! It's like never ending sand coming out of my shoes. ALWAYS wear sandals to the beach. 

  But my inner-child still loves to play and get messy in the sand even though I have to clean up later. I've never built a sandcastle, i've tried - didn't work out so well. I know they said adding a bit of water would make it stay. But unfortunately, mine never did when I tried. Maybe, one day.. For now, i'll just be playing around and making shapes and spelling my name out in the sand.

I'll soon be posting where you can buy these outfits! (and most of them are cheap). For example, if I recall correctly, this top was only $9 and it's just a simple every-day scrunch up top you can wear casually. 

I matched it with this gray skirt just to try the feel of it and I like the different look. My style in fashion has been evolving. 

I had a nice day and met a photographer who is also Filipino! It always makes me happy to meet someone who can speak my language or who grew up in the same type of culture as I did. Give his IG a look: