Instagram networking


A few weeks ago, I attended an Instagram meet-up. That's where photographers and models just go to a certain location and start shooting or taking videos. I just got these recent edits from @effsuit I love that we got the perfect sun lighting! 

I wore a simple dress with crosses that I borrowed from a friend. I love simplicity of the dress! 

I have a huge fear of driving on highways - anxiety and PTSD. So driving to Long Beach made me really nervous and anxious. A lot of people don't understand that and I'm never in the mood to explain what happened. Meeting a bunch of people that I've never met or know anything about made me even more anxious that I already was. But I guess I have to conquer my fear. 

I met a lot of photographers to collab with in the future. Even though I was shy, I tried to network with others! Networking is one of your best tools. 

All these pictures, of me smiling, or having a good time, they're just pictures. Pictures can tell a thousand words?