What if you're stuck in space..?

So, you're on a pod, traveling through space - in a hibernation pod. Now wouldn't that be nice? Everyone in the spaceship, Avalon, are supposed to wake up in about 100 years. The trouble? Jim (Chris Pratt) awakens only 30 years in due to a malfunction in the hibernation pods. 

Being lonely, and knowing that you would die alone - what are you supposed to do? His only friend was a robotic bartender, and he was craving human interaction.

Introducing: Aurora. Aurora is played by Jennifer Lawrence. Jim's loneliness forces him to hijack Aurora's pod in secret so that he would have a friend on board with him. Before this, he researched Aurora's life before deciding to wake her up. But this also jeopardizes and takes away Aurora's life - meaning she'll be dead by the time the Avalon lands on it's destination - decades away. He basically took her life by breaking her own hibernation pod. 

Overall, this movie was a bit dragging, but what can you expect when you're locked up in space and there are only a few characters to interact with. The best part is that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence (both on my top favorite lists of actors) have such a nice chemistry on set. No wonder Jennifer Lawrence won an oscar. But despite their performance, I felt something missing from the movie. The concept of the movie was very different, and that's what I like about it. 

Grade: C+ 

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