Out and about


Like I've said in my other post, i've lived in California for half of my life. I moved here from the Philippines when I was only 10 years old. My friend, Jason, and I went exploring the little nooks and crannies around L.A again. So, I still haven't explored most of the areas around San Diego and LA. I plan to do more travelling this summer.

Growing up in Manila, Philippines, I was always in the city and I love the craziness. I love that there's always something to do, always somewhere to go. So I can't wait to find new places to travel to.  

Good news: School is out! I'm only taking 1 online class so I can focus on my health and happiness; I've been so stressed out lately. Today was the end of the semester and i'm looking forward to exploring new places around SoCal! So don't hesitate to recommend any places on my contacts page. 

I love the simple outfit I wore that day - Just a little black dress and some plain black bootsies. It seemed like an all-black kind of day. For me, dresses are easier, one look, that's it. You dont have to worry about what pants or skirt matches the top. It's always my go-to (and i'm also very lazy to coordinate an outfit because my closet is a mess).