Back to Palm Springs!


Before it got way too hot in Palm Springs, California, I went back and visited my parents who still lived in the valley. It was bitter-sweet being back around my old surroundings before. It wasn't much of a nostalgia but an eerie feeling; like the memories are so strong it gives me an odd feeling. I haven't spent much time around my old high school but a friend and I decided to go back there for the day and just walk around and have some fun.

It's weird because i've sat at these actual rocks years ago. The rocks never changed, but I feel like i've grown as a person. We all change, whether good or bad, we grow. The surroundings have barely changed, but my perspective has. 

I wore my mesh crop top by elison rd. and later paired it with this long green sweater to add a bit more style to it. 

While I was in Palm Springs, I got to visit the area around my old high school, the old cul-de-sac my friends and I used to ride around at, and walk up and downtown Palm Springs.

It's nice there; once a week, they used to (and still might) hold little night markets. They would sell little cute trinkets, accessories, but my favorite was, the personalized graffiti art. Do you know those that you see in Venice Beach or down the streets of LA? The ones that would quickly, with graffiti paint, create the most stunning sceneries on a mere blank canvas. I was always so mesmerized with them. 

P.S I've been trying to quit smoking, if you have any tips: comment down below! I keep trying, but it never sticks. (Punny?)