Roaming the District


I've lived in California for a majority of my life yet I never really explored any of the major cities, such as L.A. I love exploring new places and finding the most random ally ways to take photos at. This time, I got to roam around L.A's Fashion District. I've never heard of the place, so I wasn't sure what to expect but when we got there, I saw tons of mannequins dressed in prom dresses and wedding dresses. Though some look cute and pretty, but not sure about the quality, they are at very affordable prices. Some were less than $30! 

In regards of the smoking picture, yes I do smoke cigarettes but i've been trying to quit. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds. I used to smoke a pack a day but have cut down to about 2-3 cigarettes a day (Sorry, mom). I think it would have been more fun to explore at night or go into the city more in the future. 


(The Pink Floyd was my boyfriend's choice - his favorite) Hi Aaron!