Roaming the Pier


I got to spend the day at Santa Monica Pier, California recently. It's just a little bit of a way from Los Angeles. Coming here brings out the inner child in me, even just walking down the pier. I love seeing the sea of people next to ocean - playing around at the beach, fishing, playing the arcade games. 

There's something with getting lost in a crowd that I love. Which is very surprising because I have really bad anxiety. But I've just been learning to have fun with myself and not care what other people think. And the best part is, I'm probably never going to see any of these people again, so I can be myself and not care. 

With this outfit, I thought a simple red dress would be fitting as it would stand out in the crowd. I've had this dress for at least 6-8 years and can't remember where I got it. But like I said, i'll soon be posting where I bought my clothes so you can look for the same or something similar! So stay tuned for that! 


I never win at these arcade ones, especially the shooting ones. I can kind of play the shooting squirt game if my hand is steady enough - which it usually isn't. I would love carnival-type games if I was any good at it. I'd love to win a giant teddy bear or some huge stuffed animal!