To Hong Kong!


Hong Kong is one of my favorite places to visit. When my parents and I lived in the Philippines, it was an easy flight - just a few hours. 

Stanley New Street is one of many streets in Hong Kong that has little shops and night markets. I really love the city - the nightlife, all the people, and the fact that there's always something to do. For example, I love the subway (you don't usually hear that) 


My parents and I often would visit Ocean Park, it's basically like a small disneyland (before they actually added Disney Asia) mixed with an aquarium. It's not that big, but as a kid I loved it. I loved the cable cars and seeing everything from up high. Funny thing though, my aunt was so scared she was holding the middle bar in the cable car with her eyes closed. I never really understood the fear of heights. I wish I could soar..


The Jumbo restaurant is a floating restaurant. I can't exactly remember how but it's basically a giant boat restaurant. I always loved it as a kid have great memories of it. 

Now that I'm older, my parents let me roam free in Hong Kong. One of my favorite things to do is go shopping because everything is cheaper at Hong Kong. I'd take the subway and i've memorized most the places where I can take film pictures and also shop.

The picture above was taken from the highest peak of Hong Kong - Victoria's peak. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy so the picture came all hazy, but I guess it adds a vibe to it.